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ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode | Print |

BMG Communications leverages the resources of several carriers to meet the specific needs of our clients. We will work with you to determine the best-fit service for your networking need and then consult with multiple vendors to ensure you obtain the highest quality service for the best price.

In some cases, typically for larger clients, ATM (Asynchronous Transfer Mode) is a compelling solution. More commonly it is used for the larger portion of the overall network, while other services, such as Frame Relay, connect to the smaller nodes of the network.

Like Frame Relay, ATM is best described as a virtual network. To the customer, it appears and behaves as if it were a dedicated connection, allowing them all the benefits of a permanent connection, such as "always on" connectivity, security of a private network, predictable costs and performance. The difference is that the carrier can more efficiently manage the traffic across its network by aggregating multiple circuits from multiple clients into the ATM network, thus reducing its costs per circuit, which, in turn, results in cost savings to each client compared to Private Line networks.

In other words, the carrier can manage the client's traffic based on the demand currently placed on the network, or a portion of the network. Rather than provisioning a single circuit that ties up a fixed amount of bandwidth throughout the entire network, ATM allows the carrier to funnel multiple circuits into a shared resource.

If you have an existing network or a new application, and you feel ATM may be the answer, contact us for a free consultation, or put your information into our online Quote Request to be contacted to evaluate your needs.

Typical advantages of ATM:

  • Big Bandwidth:
    Typically, ATM is more easily provisioned at higher bandwidth requirements.

  • Flexibility & Capability:
    Many carriers offer enhanced features on their ATM services compared to Frame Relay. Additional priority can be given to voice packets versus data packets, for example. Depending on the service, there are also ways to ensure throughput of even more demanding applications, such as streaming video.

If you are considering ATM as a possible solution for your network, we recommend you contact us for a free consultation. If you are still looking for other WAN services, you may browse other options here:

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Contact BMG Communications today and step into a new dimension in service!

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