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IP VPN Internet Protocol Virtual Private Network | Print |

The main difference between IP-VPNs and other services, like Frame Relay, is that an IP-VPN uses the Internet to create the Wide Area Network between multiple locations. There are new types of VPNs, as well. For example, some carriers are offering blended data services, such as Frame Relay or ATM over an IP Backbone.

Internet based VPNs are an excellent way for some organizations to share data across a WAN, using the Internet as a network platform, while creating encrypted tunnels between specially designed firewalls, as well as VPN modules and clients, that protect the data both behind the firewall, and as it transfers across the Internet from one end to the other.

Using the Internet, an IP-VPN is more flexible than other forms of networking in some ways. For example, it makes it much easier to communicate with remote users, particularly of the dial-up variety. It also makes connecting with partners on other networks much easier.

Regardless of whether or not you intend to create an IP-VPN, Internet security is a very serious issue for companies. If you have a connection to the Internet, particularly a dedicated one, then it should always have a firewall; see Internet Security for further information.

Newer versions of IP-VPNs are also avilable that use private areas of a carrier's IP Network, meaning the traffic passed across the network does not even touch the public Internet. These services are highly desirable to organizations interested in cost savings, but still have certain security concerns that previously left them to use traditional services like Frame Relay or Private Lines.

To check out bandwidth pricing, and log your information to be contacted about your network needs, fill out our online Quote Request, or contact us to schedule a free consultation.

IP-VPNs are used three primary ways:

  • Communicate with Remote Users:
    With a properly configured VPN, users can access a broadband or dial-up Internet connection from their home or other remote location, and through the specially designed software, they can connect to the corporate firewall/VPN module through the Internet and create a safe encrypted tunnel to communicate with the corporate server. This is probably the most popular version of IP-VPN as it has tremendous cost advantages for companies with moderate to large numbers of remote users.

    It is usually much more affordable to set up an IP-VPN than to set up an equal number of dial in users directly into the server. First of all, you need extra equipment to handle the calls, plus the cost of the lines themselves. With the IP-VPN you can use existing, or slightly increased, Internet bandwidth at the main location while using potentially higher speed access on the remote end for a nominal fee.

  • Communicate with Other Locations:
    Similar to the remote user scenario, you can also configure a traditional WAN between multiple locations over the Internet using IP-VPN. We have done this with companies of various sizes and geographic locations.

    In one instance, an international organization did not have a significant bandwidth requirement, and they had a tight budget for a project requiring network connectivity to their various locations. We provisioned T1s of Internet to several of their domestic locations, as well as E1s to their international locations. It was imperative to provide the bandwidth over a Tier 1 global provider to maximize performance. Once the Firewalls and VPN Modules were in place, they were able to replace an aging and expensive international Frame Relay network.

  • Communicate with Partners:
    Unlike traditional forms of networking, an IP-VPN is highly versatile. Multiple vendors, suppliers, partners and affiliates can communicate over an IP-VPN in a highly secure environment, without the cost and complexity of private networks. You can use the same connection for your internal (intra-company) communications as well as your external communications with various partners, and they can do the same thing. Accounting will love the simplicity of being responsible for only your end of the network.

Please contact BMG Communications for further information, or fill out our online Quote Request. If you are still looking for other WAN services, you may browse other options here:

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