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High-Speed Business DSL Internet can typically provide speeds between 144kbps and 1.5 Mbps, depending upon your location and level of service you select. Often, for small businesses or branch offices, Business Grade DSL offers an affordable solution for connecting to the Internet at much faster speed than a dial-up solution.

Symmetric Bandwidth Options:

The main difference between Business Grade DSL and Residential DSL, is that Business Grade DSL typically offers faster options for speed, but even more importantly, it usually offers a Symmetric service (SDSL), meaning that you receive the same speed, both upstream, and downstream. This is critical to a business that may receive and SEND large files, or have other users accessing their network or Web site (if hosted internally) from outside the office.

So, with Business Grade SDSL, you will receive and transmit at the same high speed. Residential DSL typically offers an Asymmetric service (ADSL), or one that provides different speeds upstream and downstream. You might be able to download at a reasonable speed from your home broadband account, but you may notice a rather slow upload, typically less than 300kbps. This is not acceptable in most business environments when multiple computers are sharing the connection.

However, there are applications where a business only needs a lesser form of DSL service, or is too far from the Central Office of the local phone company, and therefore other services like Business Grade ADSL, or IDSL may be the required solution.

Oversubscription Rates:

Another major difference between Business and Residential DSL is that most carriers that offer Business Grade DSL will reduce the oversubscription rate. One popular analogy for this is a health club. A health club will sell a certain ratio of total memberships compared with how many people can actually use the facilities at the same time. In the Internet world, this is called the oversubscription rate. They are betting that not everyone uses their service at the exact same time. Logically, the less profitable Residential service would usually be oversubscribed at a higher ratio than the Business Grade service.

The main value here, being bandwidth for the buck. Yes, it's a shared service, but it's a higher grade than what you get at home, and it is less expensive than a dedicated circuit like a T1, so it's perfect for a small business or branch office (1-10 computers, for example; depending on internet usage, of course), as long as their location is within the distance requirements of the nearest telephone company CO (Central Office). The closer you are, the better the quality of the service, the further you are, the weaker the signal. BMG Communications has partners providing this service throughout many metro areas in the U.S.

If you have additional questions, or if you feel that Business Grade DSL is right for your business, contact us today or complete the online Quote Request to determine whether your location qualifies for the service, and BMG Communications will provide you with a competitive quote.

Otherwise, read on for additional product info regarding other forms of High-Speed Internet services, such as a Dedicated T1.

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