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Dedicated T1 and Above | Print |

A single T1 line can provide speeds up to 1.544 Mbps x 1.544 Mbps, if provisioned at full speed. Here are the most common configurations of T1 service, as it relates to Dedicated Internet Access:

Integrated T1:
Sometimes one might consider only utilizing part of the T1 for less bandwidth, while using the rest of the circuit for other services, such as local phone service. This usually only makes sense for clients that have between 6 and 18 phone lines while needing between 6 and 18 channels of Internet as an example. In other words, a typical customer of an Integrated T1 would use a minimum of 12 channels of combined voice and Internet services, while not needing to exceed 24 total channels in the foreseeable future.

At 64 Kbps per Internet channel, you can begin to determine how much bandwidth combined with the number of phone lines your organization would need. Typically, these types of circuits are the most economical when delivered by a CLEC (Competitive Local Exchange Carrier), as they are most profitable when delivering services at a T1 level, and by offering a bundled service of both voice and Internet, they are improving their economies of scale, and are in a position to provide the client with more aggressive pricing.

By consolidating several channels of Dedicated Internet and several telephone lines (or trunks), a smaller office can receive a higher quality of service at a reduced cost. Want more info? Contact us or fill out the online Quote Request.

Stand-Alone Internet T1:
Typically, if a company provisions a stand-alone T1, they will request the maximum 1.544 Mbps utilizing all 24 channels. You can request a fractional T1, only receiving a portion of the bandwidth, but it usually is not as economical, except in the above referenced Integrated T1 example.

It will cost most carriers (in the U.S.) the same amount to provision a fractional T1 to your business as it does a full T1, therefore the only difference in cost to the carrier is the Internet port itself, the speed at which you connect to their network. Typically, a fractional T1 may range between $250 and $500 (depending on speed and carrier), while a full T1 can range between $400 and $700 per month depending on market and how far the service location is from the carrier's POP (Point of Presence), which is where you would connect to their Internet Backbone.

BMG Communications can provide your business with a multi-vendor (2-10 carriers) quote for T1 services, thus showing you the most competitive pricing, while recommending the right type of service for your business. Save your time and money, contact us today, or fill out our online Quote Request.

Multiple (Bonded) T1s:
T1s can be bonded together to provide greater bandwidth. This solution is usually implemented by larger enterprises, or for technology companies, including ISPs and Data Centers.

This solution provides an economical way to provide bigger bandwidth without the bigger price tag of a fractional DS3. Especially in areas where a T1 loop is common, but a DS3 access loop is far more expensive.

BMG Communications has experience in delivering Tier 1 NSP (Network Service Provider) bandwidth to the companies who cannot settle for less. Contact us today, or fill out our online Quote Request, to begin saving on a new solution. Should you need more bandwidth, see the DS3 & OCX solutions section. Multiple T1 customers may also be interested in some of the following categories:

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Contact BMG Communications today and step into a new dimension in service!

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