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Long Distance Overview | Print |

Long Distance service may not be the most exciting sector of the telecommunications industry, but it is a necessity, and most companies lose significant revenue and productivity when it doesn't work properly or there are billing errors. Not to mention the need for periodic reviews of your plan, as rates change frequently, meaning your provider's rates may be going up while another carrier's rates are going down.

We've seen rates plummet in recent years, but as big carriers suffer the losses of the Internet shake-out and overall economy woes, many are in fact raising rates. Sometimes it's a blatant rate increase, other times it is in the way of more subtle tactics, such as additional service fees, toll free number fees, minimum usage fees, loose interpretation of ‘recovery' fees for government programs and taxes, one minute billing increments instead of 6 second billing, to name a few of the creative methods.

BMG Communications offers services from quality discount carriers as well as top tier global telcos. Our mission is to help our clients obtain the highest quality service at the lowest available cost. No matter how big or small your organization, we have the right partner with the right solution for you.

Please review the most popular forms of Long Distance services, or if you're ready to start saving time and money, contact us for further information, or use one of the rate finders in the below category pages:

  • Switched Long Distance:
    For small to medium sized business and branch offices, switched long distance doesn't require any special telephone lines. Regardless of who you receive your local service from, you can select any Long Distance carrier you choose. We represent some of the finest carriers in the industry and we've even set up an online portal allowing you to sign up online and start saving money in a matter of days. more...

  • Dedicated Long Distance:
    For larger offices and Contact Centers, Dedicated Long Distance is a must. Whether you're shopping for a new primary carrier, or looking for some redundancy, we can offer some of the most aggressive rates in the industry. more...

  • Toll Free Service:
    Either as a stand alone product, or coupled with one of our Switched or Dedicated offerings, we offer exceptional Toll Free rates, as well as many advanced features.  Whether you're looking for a rock-bottom rate or have special needs, we'll work with you to determine the best carrier for you. more...

  • Postpaid Business Calling Cards:
    Like Toll Free Service, Business Calling Cards can be acquired as a stand alone product or can be added to a Switched or Dedicated Long Distance Account. Post Paid Calling Cards for business can be billed on your monthly invoice and coded for accounting purposes. more...

  • Prepaid Calling Cards:
    Although not as convenient as post paid calling cards, Prepaid Calling Cards can be advantageous in certain situations. For a small business or traveling field employee, Prepaid Calling Cards are an excellent way to make Long Distance calls, particularly when dialing internationally. We offer a service that allows you to conveniently purchase them online, while providing instant PIN numbers and tracking receipts via e-mail. more...

In conjunction with our Long Distance offerings, be sure to check out our Audio and Web Conferencing services.

Thank you for visiting our Long Distance Overview section.

Build, Manage and Grow your business communications with bmgc.net!

Contact BMG Communications today and step into a new dimension in service!

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