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There are many good reasons to choose a Dedicated Hosting vendor. There is no good reason to do it alone. Let BMG Communications save you time and money by finding the right solution for your application.

Under our hosting brand, bmghosting.com we have now added both Virtual Dedicated Server and true Dedicated Server options for our clients.

We realize that many clients have special needs, and we can still consult with these clients to find other managed hosting solutions from our network of partners, but we've worked with our data center partner to develop our own dedicated server offering that we feel may address the vast majority of clients entering the dedicated server market, or that need a new solution to complement or replace existing servers located in other data centers, or on the client's premises.

If you don't find what your looking for on our hosting portal, then review the following information to learn how me may help consult with you to obtain the services you need from some of our other partners.

Dedicated Hosting comes in many flavors. Any quality provider of Dedicated Hosting Services will provide the following:

  • Equipment & Operating System
  • Data Center Rack Space
  • Sufficient Power Systems with Backup
  • Sufficient Fire Protection
  • Sufficient Diverse Network Access to the Internet
  • Sufficient Network and Physical (Building) Security
  • 24x7 Support

BMG Communications has partners and service providers that provide all of the above and then some. This is where consultation becomes extremely important.

Other features and managed services may include:

  • Server and Application Monitoring
  • Advanced Site Monitoring and Tracking
  • Data Backup Solutions
  • Shared & Dedicated Firewalls
  • Load Balancing
  • Managed Intrusion Detection
  • Systems & Database Administration
  • 24x7 On-Site High-Level Support
  • Advanced Software Procurement & Support
  • Server Clustering
  • Integration with Customer Provided Equipment or Software

Whether you need guidance in some of these areas, or if you only need assistance implementing an existing plan, BMG Communications will consult with you and your team, help you analyze options from best-fit providers, and ensure you are getting the best value.

Working with BMG Communications is like working with an extension of your IT or Development department. Yes, we want your business, but we intend to gain it by delivering the solutions you need from the best possible vendor for your application, rather than claiming that one solution fits all.

You may want a Data Center physically near you, or you may want a Data Center in the heart of the Internet. One provider may be more experienced with a particular application. All things being equal, one vendor may be less expensive.

Remember, there are many good reasons to choose a hosting vendor. There is no good reason to do it alone. Contact BMG Communications today for a free consultation. If you're in need of a data center to house your own equipment, you may want to read up on our Server Colocation options.

Domain Registration:
Every Web address needs a domain name. Stop paying retail to purchase and renew your domain names. Get a discount (over 50% off big registrars) by going to bmgdomains.com!

Shared Hosting:
If you have something you need to get on the Web right away, or want a place to host a smaller, less demanding site, be sure to check out our Shared Hosting portal at bmghosting.com!

Build, Manage & Grow Your Online Presence with BMG Communications!

Contact BMG Communications today and step into a new dimension in service!

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