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BMG Communications launches new Web portal BMGC.NET

Become an Affiliate or Agent | Print |

Welcome to the Affiliate and Agent Programs page for BMG Communications. Although we are not an end carrier or even a master agent in many cases, we do have access to some valuable programs. Let's look at the various options:

Affiliate or Referral Partner:
This approach is ideal for people that may influence decision makers relating to their telecommunications services or technology purchases, as well as online referrals whereby an individual or company has an existing web presence and either benefits from extensive traffic or a targeted audience lending itself to a desire for some, or all, of the services we provide.

A standard referral partner would work with our staff to give us a warm referral or introduction into a business, thus enabling our team to consult with the client and potentially serve a need.

The Web affiliate approach works very well with products and services that can be purchased directly online from the vendor that the individual or company is referring business to. For this reason, we have established various affiliate programs on specific products that lend themselves to easy tracking and fulfillment to the referring organization.

We are currently working on automating the process to receive commission information and to sign-up as an affiliate on each of the portals we operate. In the mean time, email us at affiliate@bmgc.net or contact us for more information.

Agent and Reseller:
A more in-depth offering, Agents and Resellers expect more from a business relationship. If you are currently offering complementary products and services to our line, and are interested in developing relationships that allow you to sell our partners' products and services directly as part of your core offering, while committing to be the primary interface to locate and service the customer, then an Agent or Reseller program may be for you.

For the most part, we are agents and resellers for other organizations, so we know what you are looking for. As we evolve, we continually strive to develop more control, increase our margins and further develop direct relationships, thus becoming a more powerful service organization to agents and resellers.

Meanwhile, we understand our current role, and welcome that future. We are able to support some partner offerings to our sub-agents, and we support an agent or reseller by assisting them in making the right connections. In some cases, you would develop a direct relationship with our various vendors, while having the opportunity to earn the same commissions from these vendors that we enjoy.

As with our affiliate programs, we are currently developing ways to automate the sign-up and information gathering process for our agents, and plan to launch this capability soon. In the mean time, e-mail us here: agent@bmgc.net or contact us today for more information.

Thank you for visiting our Become an Affiliate or Agent page. If you haven't seen some of our existing partners and service providers, please see our Partners and Service Providers page.

If you have not done so, please review the About Us and Our Clients section to learn more about BMG Communications and who we serve.

Contact BMG Communications today and step into a new dimension in service!

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